Overview of the Best Cloud Mining Services

Do you know that except for traditional ways of raising money, the modern financial market offers one more interesting way – cloud mining? Do you know what this is? Below, you can find the basic information about cloud mining and find out whether it is profitable to invest in cryptocurrency or it is better to stay away from this industry.

Cloud Mining is a simple process of cryptocurrency mining, using a remote data-center with a powerful hardware. Otherwise stated, users can mine Ethereum, Bitcoin or other digital money without the necessity to buy too expensive hardware. If you wish to mine cryptocurrencies, you should employ with cloud mining services. Due to the fact that cryptocurrency mining is done in the cloud, users don’t face the issues as software installation difficulties, sudden power interruptions, energy, internet costs or maintenance of the equipment.

For that reason, if you made up your mind to invest in Ethereum, Bitcoin or other digital currencies, you ought to find the best and the most affordable cloud mining service. Below, you can find the information about three main companies, providing the safest cloud mining today.


Our TOP3 cloud mining services:

  1. HashFlare
  2. IQMining
  3. Genesis Mining

The main advantage of cloud mining services is that you aren’t made to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies immediately. Besides, there is no need to invest in the too expensive mining farms to mine cryptocurrency by yourself. The prime objective of cloud mining services is to help you do this. You just need to register on the service, select the best options, and our cloud mining servers will be mining cryptocurrency for you! As a result, if you deposit around $1000 per year, you’ll get one BTC within a year! Otherwise stated, you’ll make a 300% profit!

Choosing your cloud mining service, pay attention to the range of features they offer. Besides, check out whether this particular service isn’t a scam because today, there are lots of new services that hit the market on a rolling basis with the aim to deceive users. For that reason, check their history and read the feedback from real customers before investing cash.

The main purpose of our website is to provide users with the detailed reviews about all cloud mining services. Our method is based on the following aspects:

• The search for testimonials from real customers.
• How long one or another company is on the market.
• Convenient and profitable methods of investment in digital money.



The prime objective of this service is to make mining available to everyone interested. It makes no matter who you are and where you are located because the overarching target of this service is to make cloud mining available everywhere.

The service is regarded to be one of the most reputable ones because it was launched 4 years ago. Their technology is powered by the HashCoin team, which is regarded to be the leading company, specializing in the development and support of software for cloud mining. They managed to develop an awful lot of ASIC miner devices for mining various cryptocurrencies.

Their equipment is kept in a hi-tech facility where the room temperature is under control on an ongoing basis. In other words, the danger of overheat is excluded.

The main reasons why you should prefer this service to lots of other ones are published below:

  • Profitable partner programs;
  • Unlimited length of contracts;
  • Instant payouts;
  • Simple interface;
  • It provides users with the detailed statistics about the course of mining.
  • HashFlare is a part of HashCoins theme.
  • This service does anything to make mining available to everyone.

In any case, HashFlare is an ideal solution to start mining digital currencies.

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IQ Mining


This is one more company with the same range of services. Nevertheless, they have a little bit different terms and conditions. They hold out promises to pay their customers $100 per every day in exchange (only in case a customer invests at least $500).

Besides, this company also offers an awful lot of various bitcoin mining schemes. It was founded 2 years ago by the team of experts in the area of blockchain development and IT.

The prime objective of IQ Mining is to provide you with many smart mining features that are based on surpluses of huge data centers and the Hash Power. To start mining, you need to select one of three main profits: bronze, silver or gold.

Check out the list of the main benefits of IQ Mining:

  • The company managed to prune away costs of mining energy.
  • The income is protected by smart contracts.
  • The income is sent to your wallet.
  • They have profitable contracts with energy suppliers.

You can use the services of this company being anywhere in the world, except for the USA.

Genesis Mining

Genesis mining

This company was founded at the end of 2013. Firstly, this service is regarded to be one of the best ones on the market today. They own many mining farms that are located in Asia, Europe and even America. Unfortunately, their exact location is not known because the owners keep this information in secrecy. Besides, this company offers the most transparent terms of collaboration.

They provide users with the easiest method to obtain hash power avoiding the necessity to spend money on too expensive hardware.

Overview of the main benefits:

  • You can make payments through the use of Visa or MasterCards.
  • Customers can choose what kind of cryptocurrencies they want to mine.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • The system runs steadily.
  • They managed to transform mining into a pleasant procedure.
  • The possibility to subdivide the total hash power into different coins.

Choosing the best mining service, you ought to be very attentive and conduct a preliminary research before you start working with them. Read professional reviews and customers’ testimonials. This will help you make a coordinated decision!