What to Expect from HashFlare: the Detailed Overview

Are you searching for the best bitcoin mining cloud service? You have finally made up your mind to invest in cryptocurrency but can’t decide which cloud miner is reputable, don’t you? If your answers are positive, you should read our review about Hashflare – the cheapest bitcoin cloud mining company. Today, we’ll talk over the main merits and demerits of this service and find out whether you can trust them or you should prefer some other companies.

Hashflare – General Overview

Hashflare works

The overarching goal of this service is to transform bitcoin cloud mining into a simple procedure which is accessible to any user (even the one who does it firstly). In sober fact, there is a horse load of various cloud mining services, but not all of them are worthy and can guarantee safety of your money. Hashflare is a reputable bitcoin mining cloud company, which offers convenient, flexible business arrangements.

You probably know that mining cryptocurrency requires powerful and very expensive hardware. For that reason, you can’t mine bitcoin or another cryptocurrency without it. Nevertheless, the bitcoin mining service as Hashflare allows you to do this avoiding the necessity to purchase the hardware. Otherwise stated, you should visit their official website, choose hashpower which complies with your demands and all the rest the service will do for you. It begins generating revenue automatically. You just rent their hardware.

Several historical notes

This is an Estonian company which was launched in 2014 in Tallin. They started offering cloud mining services at the beginning of 2015. The hardware they use was produced by the HashCoin crew, who are regarded to be experts in blockchain solutions. In other words, they specialize in the development of ASIC miner devices for mining bitcoin in the cloud. Today, except for providing financially rewarding cloud mining contracts and high-quality level of services, they continue developing the new hardware that corresponds to the needs of the modern blockchain technology.

Their hardware is kept in good conditions where the moisture and the room temperature are under control.

What type of cryptocurrency I can mine with Hashflare

Type of cryptocurrency

This service allows you to mine the following currencies:

  • Litecoin,
  • Bitcoin,
  • Dash,
  • Ethereum,
  • Zcash

If you have a strong desire to invest in one of those currencies, you are welcome!

General Overview of the Main Services

Cloud mining of bitcoin is a complex procedure, but when you collaborate with a reputable service, you won’t notice this. The duration of bitcoin cloud mining contracts varies from 24 hours to infinity.

As soon as you come through a simple registration procedure, you’ll have an opportunity to monitor all activities from your online account. When the first blockchain is mined, you’ll get the first payout within 24 hours.

Any client is provided with an opportunity to use any cloud mining pool. Besides, the mined currency will be partitioned between all users of this service, depending on the share they obtained before.

The statistics regarding the mining activity is provided in the form of simple and clear reports.

What about the pricing policy?

As well as any other reputable service, this one also offers its users an opportunity to buy bitcoin cloud mining plan. There are no free bitcoin cloud miners. If you wish to make use of their services, you should select the pricing schedule which is the most affordable and convenient for you.

All fees are contingent on peculiarities of mining hashpower and maintenance cost. Besides, cloud bitcoin miner runs on the basis of up to 5 different algorithms (the price depends on their cost too). The starting price is $1.20 per 10 GH/s. The detailed information about the pricing policy is published on their official website.

Analyzing the payment options, it must be noted that Mastercard or VISA are accepted. They also accept transfers in EUR or USD.

pricing policy

The Bottom Line

Hashio is a worthy cloud miner of bitcoin and other well-known cryptocurrencies, the popularity of which develops at the velocity of sound. They have a powerful hardware background and profitable billing plans. This particular company is an ideal option for those, who search for a reliable bitcoin miner in the cloud and have no desire to buy software by themselves.