Earning Bitcoins: Is It Easy?

Do you know that there are several ways of earning bitcoins? In this review, we’ll bandy about the main and the most profitable methods, allowing you to earn bitcoins. Today, this cryptocurrency is deemed to be the most popular one and until one part of users still doesn’t trust digital money, the other part of society goes crazy over the ways on how to earn bitcoins. This currency has a future and there are lots of methods, allowing people to earn money using bitcoin.

So, what are the most popular ways of earning bitcoins?

  1. Accept this Currency as the Payment Facility.

Currency as the Payment Facility


This is probably the easiest method of earning bitcoins. This is a good option for those who run a business online. You may have a small shop, selling different goods. Except for accepting Visa or Master Cards, you can also add one more option – accept bitcoins. In this case, your customers will have a fair opportunity to pay for your goods or services through the use of cryptocurrency.

Taking into consideration the fact that the exchange rate of bitcoins is constantly increasing, you’ll even earn more! This is an answer to the question of how to earn more bitcoins, accepting them as the payment facility.

  1. How Do I Earn Bitcoins, Doing Different Assignments on Websites?

Doing Different Assignments on Websites

This method is also legit. In this scenario, you should visit different websites, offering this opportunity and watch ads and earn bitcoins for watching videos. The thing is that you should visit this website, watch lots of ads, films or clips and as a result, you’ll earn a few bitcoins. If you are ready to spend time on these activities, you can easily do this. Below, you can find several websites, offering this opportunity:

  • Vidybit,
  • CoinWorker,
  • CoinAdder,
  • BitforTip

They don’t guarantee that you’ll earn too much, but you can use them as an additional method to earn a bitcoin.

  1. Earning Bitcoins through Mining.

Earning Bitcoins through Mining

This is the most expensive method of earning bitcoins but one of the most accessible ones. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to earn bitcoins by mining, here is your answer.

Commonly, users defer to the services of HashFlare, Genesis or IQMining, choose a billing plane and the chosen service will be mining cryptocurrency for them. These services deprive you of the necessity to obtain too expensive hardware for bitcoin mining by yourself. You just pay for this service to companies, which own this hardware.

There is one more method, allowing you to mine digital currency – to find mining pools. Several individuals unite in mining pools and share their computing power with the aim to mine bitcoins.

  1. How to Earn Bitcoins by Playing Games?

Earn Bitcoins by Playing Games

This method is perfect for those who adore gambling and frequently spend free time, playing online games. An awful lot of online crap joints offer different online games, enabling you to earn bitcoins. Below, you can find the list of the most popular games:

  • This gambling portal offers its users a fair opportunity to win digital money. To do this, they need to answer different questions.
  • Bitcoin Riddles. You will be asked to solve various riddles you can find in YouTube videos. This is a fascinating activity.
  • This service offers you to make predictions, related to the financial market and earn cryptocurrency.

The list of these services is longer. You can google this question and you’ll find websites, offering you to play games to earn bitcoins.

These are the most popular and widely-used methods, allowing you to earn digital currency. Taking into account the existence of a wide array of different earn bitcoin sites, you’ll definitely find the best option for you!